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Slava Khodorkovsky

Immigrated to New York, NY in 1991.

Slava Khodorkovsky (aka Slava Khodar) was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. He began studying art as a young child; by the age of eight, his works were being displayed at biannual children drawings exhibitions in India and Bulgaria.

From the start of his studies, he immersed himself in Russian artistic tradition. Slava is highly skilled in various media – from monumental mural paintings to mosaics and stained glass – and his works adorn the walls of both private homes and public places.

Slava is a graduate of the prestigious Mukhin Academy of Fine Arts, where a large number of his paintings are now part of the Mukhin Museum’s permanent collection. His work has been displayed in both solo and group exhibitions in St. Petersburg, Moscow, New York, Europe, and Israel.

Slava immigrated to the United States from Leningrad in 1991, and now resides in New York.

Slava's Artwork (9)

The NightCar, 2000

Melancholia, 1994

Composition #12, 1996

Composition #10, 1996

Portrait of a Man, 1996

Portrait of a Woman, 1996

The Jewish Madonna, 2003

Computer Games, 1997

The Blissful, 2003